1960 Clothing for Women

1960 clothing bangle bracelet

1960 clothing brings so many influences for women in this day. If you see the picture women’s style in 1960s, you may realize that people need to come back to that era. You may immediately think of the peace-sign necklaces and the long-haired hippies with the floral patterns. We must break free from the fashion constraints for expressing the self expression. So, here come the fashion trends for you. The first trend is about the pant. The women in 60s wore pants that were made of fabrics, such as satin, jersey and cotton velvet. The garments that were used for combination were the tunics and suit jackets. The pants in the progressed became more flared at the bottom. That is what we know as bell bottoms.

 1960 Clothing for Women (Fashion Trends of Self Expression)

1960 clothing sleeveless blouse

1960 clothing sleeveless blouse

The second trend that you can see from 60s era is the top. The women of 60s era wore blouse as the top. The most popular blouse is the sleeveless one and one that was embellished with a sash around the neck. That sash was tied into a bow. For more, in the cold season, mostly women wore the tight-fitting ribbed sweaters in various patterns and colors. The pencil skirts were almost worn under the pinafores. At that era, just after the Beatles, the black polo neck sweater became more popular.

 1960 clothing baby doll

1960 clothing baby doll

1960 clothing always has certain look for its dress. You may know the baby doll dress. Yes, the baby doll dress came from the trend of 1960s. It was the disco era set in. The dress had the A-line skirt that flared out and had the ending around the mid-thigh. Some baby doll dresses might have medium or short length sleeves or even sleeveless. There were various fabrics that constructed the baby doll dresses, such as the cotton to polyester. You also could find the loud patterns in some color combinations. The sweater dresses were preferred worn in the colder weather.

1960 clothing also has the certain shoes. You may see the pumps with 2-to-3 inch kitten heels. This kind of footwear was the choice of day-to-day footwear during 60s for women. The typical shoes had the certain square-shaped chisel toe. On the second half of the decade, the almond-toe had become more popular. For casual use, the footwear for women that was popular enough was the flat boot and clog sandal. These two kinds of footwear were mostly worn together with the short dresses. These ones were redesigned eventually for reaching the knee. The accessory that was popular was the colorful bangle bracelet that was made of plastic.

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