Grandeur of Dress Kebaya 2013

dress kebaya

Dress kebaya is something that you must love about Indonesia. In this collection, you don’t even just look at the beautiful models as there are so many sensual and grandeur designs of kebaya that you can wear for International events. There are so many fashionistas who come and see batik want to dress up in all over Indonesian things, such as the best make up for traditional look, ethnic hairdos and wearing kebaya blouses and batik. Do you want to try?

Influential Indonesian’s Women on Dress Kebaya 2013

The strong touch of glamour can be easily got in kebaya and hairdos. The fabulous celebration of color and design of batik pieces and kebaya can be got in some magnificent sequences. One of the most favorite designs is called as puspowarni. Puspowarni means colorful flower. The beauty and fragrance of colorful flowers is inline with the role of beautiful Indonesian women. That is why every design of kebaya has different and special meaning and that is why they represent Indonesian’s beauty.

Dress kebaya gets the inspiration from generations of many influential Indonesian women. The inspiration of some Indonesian’s women make Indonesian’s modern women feels so proud. That is why every modern woman of Indonesia still gets their behavior and mind on the traditional mindsets. There are figures of women that influence the design, they are Cut Nyak Dien, the Acehnese guerilla leader and she struggled against the colonialism; RA Kartini, the Javanese princess to educate her fellow women; and also Fatmawati, the wife of first President Sukarno.

dress kebaya 2012

Dress kebaya that is turned out for 2013 gives the beautiful combination between the modern and traditional, such as the V-neck kebaya with the wonderful glittery sequins and get the modern batik as the cloth split in the front as a paired. Every collection of kebaya shows and focuses on the feminine cuts with the modern twist. A low heart neck that is combined with the ruffles rulled in a white ruffle-tail dress, a high-neck dress with the exaggerated ruffles and cape sleeves and also the short silver and pink kutu baru kebaya that will make you interested and wondering. The designer has different atmosphere and nuance that is burn into the collection, such as playing with the belt and neckline. The woman’s silhouette is also bolded in every collection better. The additional handwork ornament and details on batik and kebaya build the charm in the outfits.

dress kebaya

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